Berkesné Porczió Margit
kindergarten teacher, headmaster of kindergarten
’I honour You, You are important to me, I pay attention only to You, Ihelp You if You need my help…’
I have beenon this field for 36 years, this is my 7th period in Festetics Karolina Base Kindergarten – I have four degrees. In 2014 I achieved our profession’s most valuable acknowledgement, the award of BrunszvikTeréz for my renewing pedagogical work, earlier I also received the honours of Duty for Kaposvár for the establishment of the local values. In our institutes we achieved great issues in forming both human and physical settings – but we are the most proud of our kindergarten community who you and your little child can meet day by day. From 2009 I’ve been leading the integrated kindergarten I needed the experiences of the past decades to achieve the goal smoothly so my colleagues can feel that we are in the same boat. The leading principles of our kindergarten: teaching art and tending gift, the new higher levelled program fulfil our conception, our co-institutions could hold their professional-methodology freedom so as to our successful work. 
Children are good by their nature, only the institutes make them naughty.

We invite you for a visit and by the end of it you may also have another viewpoint about Rousseau’s well-known quote.

We ask you to read through our page and then please call us and visit our kindergarten, Festetics Karolina kindergarten in Kaposvár, which is the basic art kindergarten in Somogy.

Let’s introduce us in a few sentences.

Our kindergarten can be found in the greenbelt of Kaposvár, on the way leading towards Szántód (Budapest). Our building is a wonderful 128-year-old classicist kindergarten. It has got beautiful old pines, green lawn, wooden garden toys, and someobstacle tracks from the Australian Safari Park, a little pond with fish, garden aquarium and a road safety track teaching them how to commute in a city. Our dominant history makes today inheritors to be very good at both in education and in enlarging the fame of our kindergarten.

Our history begins in the pluperfect. The kindergarten was established in 1875 by the noble and progressive thinking Mrs DénesFestetics, born as Karolina Zichycountess. She was a catholic, also an art lover, she spoke many languages, visited many parts of the world, she brought her Divine Love’s Daughters nunnery to educate the children of the neighbourhood. We can still see her generousity, humanity which helped her and the nuns to educate the children for good manners; every day practicality, the country, the home, the family, the Christianity and nationality were in focus. These are the basic unfading values which we also follow today with the most modern educational direction and with cooperation of the family. We are very proud that we can continue this way.

In the garden there are 100-year-old pines telling stories about the past. The lucky change in the population of the city also helped our kindergarten to grow. In 1992 the most significant change was the two new room for the children, and also the building of a new 70 m2 gymnasium. We also got a mini pool, an oven in the garden, where we often bake bread and a wooden castle can be found in the garden, too.

Thanks to the continuous growing we have six groups and 150 children. It is unique in Somogy, but in our kindergarten we have accepted to face the growing problem of food allergy.

In our educational program the basics are in the folklore and traditions. From 1987 we were looking for the past of our kindergarten and city, we have held many exhibitions, too.

We consciously follow and build in these traditions, Christianity and art into our educational program. 

In 1998 our pedagogical program was synchronised with the national kindergarten program.  We changed it in 2002, including our speciality and value.

We believe that those values which were important in the past are and will be important too at present and in the future. We recommend our educational program to those parents who want their children to bring up in an emotional safety, to be in a calm and friendly atmosphere, and to be able to face today’s challenges. Our job is to lead the children towards finding their happiness through games and art. 
The task of our base kindergartenis to help the other kindergartens in Somogy which follow the same program as ours, to help them in professional and practical tasks.

Our creed is very similar to Anatole France’s thought – The respect of the past is that religion which is the bond of the new generation. Don’t lose anything from past because we can create the future only with the past. 
If you want to tell us your opinion, ideas, don’t hesitate to write to us.
our address: 49 Toponári Street, Kaposvár, postcode: 7400
our telephone number: +36-82-413 454
our email: festetics.karolina@gmail.com